Multimedia Bootcamp



Aug. 28-Aug. 30, 2012

Apply by July 30:
E-mail Steve Fox at

The journalism industry is going through major changes these days. Included in the transformation are the many new and exciting ways journalists can tell stories. Traditional text pieces are now packaged with audio slideshows and mini-documentary style videos. Twitter and Facebook are being used as reporting tools and almost every reporter out there today has found blogs to be a useful platform for delivering information and analysis.

In an effort to get students familiar with the many tools available to tell stories, the UMass Journalism program has constructed a 2 ½ day Multimedia Bootcamp to be held for the fourth straight year just prior to the start of the Fall Semester.

The annual Bootcamp allows students to receive intensive hands-on training in audio and video storytelling and blogging from two faculty members as well as a recent graduate from the Journalism program.  Incoming freshmen learn about the campus through some of the assignments, as well as by mingling with sophomores and upperclassmen in the bootcamp.

If youʼre interested in applying, please send a short 300-500 word essay on why you want to take part in this program to Steve Fox ( All applicants must be approved by the instructors and we hope to have a class list compiled by mid-summer.

This is just the first step. After the Bootcamp, students will be prepared to apply these tools in a variety of Journalism courses, from basic newswriting to advanced classes in broadcast, radio, photojournalism and multimedia. Consider this bootcamp as the foundation – these few days will set the groundwork that will allow you more time to use these tools as you learn and do journalism during your academic career here.


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