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The 9/11 Anniversary Isn’t News? Says Who?

So, on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, the editors at the almighty New York Times don’t think there is enough news value to warrant any 9/11 anniversary coverage on the front page of their newspaper. In an … Continue reading

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Hiatus Is Over….A Rough Week for Ombudsmen

Hi and welcome back!  It’s been awhile.  Admittedly, the care and feeding of this blog fell off last semester (sometimes life takes over) but now I’m back to reviving my little plant. So, of course, where to start?  As more … Continue reading

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It’s Carnival Time: Let’s Get Past the Talking

I must admit, the latest topic(s) by Carnival Ringmaster David Cohn had me a bit stumped.  And, I seriously considered taking a pass this time around.  But, knowing Dave as I do I wondered whether he wasn’t doing a bit … Continue reading

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Dynamic Archives, Deep Stories

Friends, Back in June, I wrote this in an email faculty discussion about the decline of newspapers. >Folks: The big newspapers have a resource they don’t use much or well enough: Their archives. Could they generate some money if they … Continue reading

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