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Quote of the Day

“When looking, it is important to be conscious of what one is seeing and what else of equal importance isn’t in view at the same moment.” — Courtesy of Tom Kennedy, Professor of Multimedia, Photo at Syracuse University Advertisements

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Media Reform: Look to Curation, Innovation to Bring Change

Somewhere during the run-up to the 2000 election, I remember legendary Washington Post columnist David Broder writing about the increasing split within the country along the Blue (liberal) – Red (conservative) divide.  I guess what I saw this weekend at … Continue reading

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Yes, There Are Jobs! UMass Journalism’s Alumni Night To Be A Good One!

Back From The Front: WHEN:  Thursday, April 21, from 7:30-9 p.m. WHERE: Bernie Dallas Room, Room 506, Goodell Hall. WHAT: We’ve invited six recent Journalism graduates for a discussion of their experiences in the shape-shifting journalism market. WHO:  The panelists … Continue reading

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Newsroom Partnerships Offer Chance at Innovation: Carnival of Journalism

The response to David Cohn’s (aka DigiDave) revival of the Carnival of Journalism, has been pretty impressive.  My first post focused on a new news literacy with Journalism students and the need to focus on accuracy in the aftermath of … Continue reading

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Joining the Carnival of Journalism: The Changing Role of Universities

My good friend David Cohn (aka DigiDave) has revived the Carnival of Journalism, with the opening blog topic of: The changing role of Universities for the information needs of a community. To quote Dave, what a “rad” idea.  In his … Continue reading

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The New Jobs in Journalism aren’t the same as the Old Jobs

The headline that came across my Twitter feed today quickly drew my attention: “Jobs in Journalism Growing.” Wait, what? I have been saying the same thing for several years now, but always get strange looks.  Now, here was a post … Continue reading

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The 5 W’s of a Story Pitch

Brad Tuttle recently came to Bartlett Hall to deliver a talk about how students can make it in the world of freelance journalism.  Part of his presentation included an examination of how students can get their work published as freelance … Continue reading

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