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My “Quest” and the Future of Journalism Education

I’m on a quest. It’s a quest to bring responsible journalism to live-tweeting. It’s a good quest, a quest to change the work ethos of journalists when it comes to tweeting during breaking news events. I’ve written and spoken about … Continue reading

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Carnival of Journalism: What is ‘Good’ Journalism & A Plea for ONA to Return to its Roots

Lisa Williams prompted one of the wildest e-mail threads I’ve part of in a while last month when she asked the simple question of what criteria the Online Journalism Awards (issued at the annual conference of the Online News Association) … Continue reading

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The Carnival Takes Off

I always enjoyed carnivals growing up.  You never knew what to expect — new games, rides, foods just around the corner.   And, such an eclectic group of people that often looked and acted strangely 🙂 I think what David Cohn … Continue reading

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Twitter, Bin Laden and the Future of Journalism

I was in a car on 9/11, stuck in traffic just outside of Washington, D.C. when I heard the news of a “commuter plane” crashing into one of the towers at the World Trade Center on WTOP — the all-news … Continue reading

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Plagiarism, Parenting and the great David Broder

Some  updates: *  Poynter: Are there ways for academics and newsrooms to collaborate on newsroom standards? *  Daily Hampshire Gazette: Parenting in a new media world. And, in case you missed it, there were many great tributes after the death … Continue reading

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Joining the Carnival of Journalism: The Changing Role of Universities

My good friend David Cohn (aka DigiDave) has revived the Carnival of Journalism, with the opening blog topic of: The changing role of Universities for the information needs of a community. To quote Dave, what a “rad” idea.  In his … Continue reading

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Should you always publish a video?

I wrote this colmn for the Daily Hampshire Gazette this week: AMHERST – When the judge in the involuntary manslaughter trial of former Pelham Police Chief Edward B. Fleury ruled this week that video of the accidental shooting of 8-year-old … Continue reading

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