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One-Source Journalism and the Fort Hood Shootings

My old editor at The Washington Post’s Web site was fond of saying:  “I would rather be second and right than first and wrong.” It was good guidance.  And it was advice that I often followed during my years as … Continue reading

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No Cheering in the Press Box!

My favorite story of the day comes courtesy of Les Carpenter at The Washington Post and his take on the Springsteen press conference at the Super Bowl: “But nothing brings tears to the eyes of middle-age men more than the … Continue reading

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Technology and Inauguration Day

Still have questions about the role of technology in delivering information? Twitter seems to have held up under heavy traffic usage today and the Inauguration 09 feed was one of many ways to follow the day’s events. And, will Obama … Continue reading

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New Look for Amherst Wire

In case you’ve missed it, Jackie Hai has been busy this summer developing a new look for Amherst Wire. Jackie moved the site over to WordPress, which, as Jackie points out here, provides several advantages: * More robust codebase, less … Continue reading

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