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My “Quest” and the Future of Journalism Education

I’m on a quest. It’s a quest to bring responsible journalism to live-tweeting. It’s a good quest, a quest to change the work ethos of journalists when it comes to tweeting during breaking news events. I’ve written and spoken about … Continue reading

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After the Paterno Debacle: A New Twitter Ethos Is Needed

My blog entry taking a look at Twitter and the sloppy reporting surrounding the death of Joe Paterno was posted at the Online Journalism Review today.

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‘Preemption’ Strategy: Where are the hard questions?

During the runup to the Iraq War, The Washington Post’s Walter Pincus was one of the few national security journalists challenging the weapons of mass destruction assumptions being made by the Bush administration.  Unfortunately, the administration’s bogus claims were usually … Continue reading

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Carnival of Journalism: What is ‘Good’ Journalism & A Plea for ONA to Return to its Roots

Lisa Williams prompted one of the wildest e-mail threads I’ve part of in a while last month when she asked the simple question of what criteria the Online Journalism Awards (issued at the annual conference of the Online News Association) … Continue reading

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The Carnival Takes Off

I always enjoyed carnivals growing up.  You never knew what to expect — new games, rides, foods just around the corner.   And, such an eclectic group of people that often looked and acted strangely 🙂 I think what David Cohn … Continue reading

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Carnival of Journalism: Don’t Forget to Watch the Sun Rise

When David Cohn posted the latest topic for the Carnival of Journalism, I messaged him and said “interesting topic.” His reply:  “Think it cuts too deep?” Indeed. What this topic requires is a certain amount of honest self-examination, a trait … Continue reading

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Joining the Carnival of Journalism: The Changing Role of Universities

My good friend David Cohn (aka DigiDave) has revived the Carnival of Journalism, with the opening blog topic of: The changing role of Universities for the information needs of a community. To quote Dave, what a “rad” idea.  In his … Continue reading

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One-Source Journalism and the Fort Hood Shootings

My old editor at The Washington Post’s Web site was fond of saying:  “I would rather be second and right than first and wrong.” It was good guidance.  And it was advice that I often followed during my years as … Continue reading

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No Cheering in the Press Box!

My favorite story of the day comes courtesy of Les Carpenter at The Washington Post and his take on the Springsteen press conference at the Super Bowl: “But nothing brings tears to the eyes of middle-age men more than the … Continue reading

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Technology and Inauguration Day

Still have questions about the role of technology in delivering information? Twitter seems to have held up under heavy traffic usage today and the Inauguration 09 feed was one of many ways to follow the day’s events. And, will Obama … Continue reading

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