Just had a very cool moment….met with Pavi Kulatunga, a Sri Lankan who is also a student in the UMass journalism program.   Her parents live just south of the beach hotel  near Galle that my wife and I are headed to on Saturday.  She has offered to take us around and show us the area.  Looking forward to it.

She was here catching up with friends, one of which will be supplying me with a power cord for my Mac tommorow — I woke up early today and sat down to do some work on my laptop, an effort that was pre-empted when the cord shorted out…..ah, the best laid plans. 

The past several days have been great.  I had a wide-ranging discussion with some academics at the Open University today, talking about Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the press and how to best operate under regimes that seek to control the flow of information.  And, since Internet connections are slow here (I’ve grown spoiled!) I’ve abandoned much of my powerpoint presentations and opted instead for chatting and discussing:  It’s been fun.

Some random observations:

*  Many, many stray dogs on the streets.

*  Not many traffic lights, but lots of traffic in Colombo.

*  One second you’re in traffic, the next you’re on a road running alongiside the Indian Ocean.

* Freedom of Expression is a valued commodity.

More to come…..(including photos.)