“In a perfect world, think about what would the best visuals for your story be?…”

UMass Journalism Multimedia Bootcamp

UMass Journalism Professor Brian McDermott reviews digital images with the 2010 class of Multimedia Bootcampers.

That was the question/thought of the day from UMass Journalism Professor Brian McDermott Friday as 11 UMass students brainstormed before venturing out of the classroom Saturday to shoot and compile video stories.  The dynamic group of students took part in several fun brainstorming sessions, with the most popular story idea focused on the ‘ZooMass’ image that UMass can’t seem to shed.

Accompanied by McDermott, Professor Steve Fox and UMass journalism graduate Jackie Hai, students pursued stories ranging from a feature on band camp to the “party” reputation of UMass to the cost of textbooks to the emotions of move-in day.   The trio of instructors were able to give hands-on guidance on lighting and composition of shots, as well as ethical issues including avoiding setting up shots and using open-ended questions when interviewing, not leading questions.

The Bootcamp students were the first to use a brand new batch of equipment — including new video cameras, wireless microphones and headphones.  It was all handled with care and students were back in Bartlett editing by late afternoon.

Check back later for their final projects!