Hello all,
There are four jobs open, or about to open, which are suitable for recent graduates or those interested in working in our dynamic newsroom. Details are below. These positions are open to both internal and external candidates, so if you know anyone outside the company who would be a good fit, feel free to let them know about it, although we do have a strong crop of candidates already.
The timing for selecting applicants is within a few weeks. If anyone is interested in applying for more than one of the jobs below, they are free to  do so. All the jobs are in New York.

1)News admin assistant, for the news hub. This is an admin job, serving the needs of the busy news hub. Duties include putting together embargo lists, checking refers, maintaining the page one indexes, etc. Excellent time management and organizational skills are required. It is not a reporting job, but we do not rule out applicants who would eventually like to be reporters. This position reports to Sam Enriquez, our national news editor. If you would like more information about the job, please contact Yvonne Dennis on the hub. Please email or send applications to me (Deborah Brewster) by next Wednesday.

2)Sunday Journal news assistant. This job is about 80 per cent writing – mostly personal finance – and 20 per cent admin duties for the Sunday Journal, which is carried in dozens of newspapers around the world. Hours are flexible, but the person must be available to work late – until 9pm – on Fridays.
To find out more, please contact David Crook at Sunday Journal. To apply, please email David, and also Deborah Brewster, by Monday, and attach up to half a dozen clips, including raw (unedited) copy if possible.

3)Reporting assistant, Barrons.com. This in an entry-level reporting job which is expected to open up shortly. It includes writing the Inside Scoop feature and editing the Hot Research and Investors’ Soapbox features.  It would be ideally suited to someone interested in financial journalism. Please contact Ed Lin at Barrons.com (Ed.Lin@Barrons.com).

4)Admin news assistant, WSJ magazine. The main duties here are to assist the editor of WSJ magazine (Deborah Needleman has just been appointed editor). It would be suited to someone who has worked or would like to work at a magazine, and who also has strong organizational and time management skills. If you are interested in applying, please send a note to me outlining your qualifications and interest in the job. You can also contact Jenny Studenroth, who has done the job, if you would like more information about what is involved (jenny.Studenroth@wsj.com).

Good luck to all!

Deborah Brewster
Deputy managing editor
The Wall St Journal
1211 Ave of the Americas
New York NY 10036
(212) 416 2757