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Opportunity for Science Writers!

COLLEGIATE INVENTORS COMPETITION SCIENCE JOURNALIST AWARDS OVERVIEW The Collegiate Inventors Competition (CIC) shines the spotlight on deserving collegiate innovators whose original research, discoveries, and inventions have the potential to make the world healthier, the economy stronger, and the planet safer. … Continue reading

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Foodie Opportunity at the Gazette!

The Daily Hampshire Gazette is looking for a local restaurant and food-beat freelance reporter. The writer would post newsy and interesting short articles to a GazetteNET-hosted blog at least three times a week. The posts will run from 150 to … Continue reading

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Why Blog? A Guide for Students

What are the elements needed for a good blog?  What makes for a good blogger?  Why should I blog?  Are bloggers really journalists? These are all questions I hear not only from students starting their own blogs, but folks in … Continue reading

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The New Jobs in Journalism aren’t the same as the Old Jobs

The headline that came across my Twitter feed today quickly drew my attention: “Jobs in Journalism Growing.” Wait, what? I have been saying the same thing for several years now, but always get strange looks.  Now, here was a post … Continue reading

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Job Openings at WSJ

Hello all, There are four jobs open, or about to open, which are suitable for recent graduates or those interested in working in our dynamic newsroom. Details are below. These positions are open to both internal and external candidates, so … Continue reading

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AEJMC Day 3: What a difference a year makes

I’ve heard from more than one person that the mood and tenor at this year’s conference is markedly different from last year’s.  The dour atmosphere that seemed to surround many of the panels last year have been replaced by panels … Continue reading

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AEJMC Day 2: Notes from my Partnerships Panel

I subbed in for Wisconsin’s Sue Robinson Wednesday afternoon on a panel with a rather lofty title: “Helping Save Journalism via the Classroom: Student Collaborations with Citizen Journalists and Industry Professionals.” David D. Kurpius of Louisiana State made the point … Continue reading

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