Connie Griffin is teaching a yearlong Capstone Project Course for fall 2010 – spring 2011 entitled Truth/Telling. The course was offered for the first time last year and drew 15 students from numerous disciplines, providing them with opportunities to work on a range of individually defined projects with a collaborative and supportive environment. Some students were earning Commonwealth College honors, while others were seeking both departmental and ComCol honors. For those working with departments, a faculty member or the honors coordinator served as additional advisor and reader, with his or her signature included on the project manuscript.

The genre of narrative nonfiction, known for its breadth and inclusivity, provides ample opportunities for students to develop Capstone projects that incorporate narrative into disciplinary or interdisciplinary frameworks. Students who might benefit from the course are those interested in the techniques of storytelling involved in weaving narrative into a journalistic or multimedia project, an artistic project that commingles narrative and photojournalism, or a creative nonfiction writing project, which might include memoir or autobiography, biography, literary journalism, or a multimedia project.

Honors Coordinators and students may opt for only Commonwealth Honors College credit, or to earn both CHC and departmental credit, depending on the arrangement made among the Honors Coordinator, the student, and the Capstone instructor.  There are five remaining slots. If you or a student would like more information, please contact Connie at