We hit the one-month mark today in The Summer Without TV experiment.  Although, the record-keepers will have to figure out a little loophole that popped up over the weekend.  The 12-year-old, in full conspiracy mode, discovered that when he plugged in the DirectTV box in his parents’ room last Friday, IT WORKED!

Rather than try and solve the Case of the Mysterious TV Connection, we watched the Mets game.

They lost.

But the expected TV onslaught didn’t really come.  (Yes, I watched it while falling asleep but, other than that….)

Luckily the (brief) return coincided with the completed construction of the treehouse in our backyard.  The treehouse just naturally takes them outside.  Now, granted, we’ve run an extension cord so the kids can play music and movies on the laptop — BUT THEY’RE OUTSIDE!

Now, we just have to keep the bears out of it….

And, The Case of the Mysterious TV Connection disappeared today as quickly as it returned….back to Hulu!