I’ll admit, I wasn’t a happy camper yesterday.

I’m not a huge soccer fan but the path of the U.S team in the World Cup has been fascinating and I wanted to watch the U.S.-Ghana matchup with my 12-year-old son.  By the time I realized ESPN3 wasn’t carrying the game, it was too late for us to try and get out to a sports bar (plus I really wasn’t sure how insane the sports bars would get and didn’t want to deal with a bunch of US hooligans.)

So, we ended up listening to much of the game on ESPN radio.  I’ve listened to games on radio in the past (usually when driving between Maryland and New York I was lucky to get the Mets or Giants thanks to the long reach of ‘The Fan.’)  But it was a new experience for my son, who ended up getting caught in the emotion of the announcers.  At one point he said he was all nervous because of how the announcers were acting. An interesting take on an ‘old’ medium….

Meanwhile, he also wants a Hulu account….and mine is getting used.  It’s amazing how many cop and hospital shows are out there — aren’t we tired of that same old formula stuff?