One of my former students suggested that I blog about “2010: The Summer Without TV.”  Seemed like a good idea to record my thoughts on this historic couple of months so I will be blogging periodically between now and Sept. 1 — when the glory of DirectTV returns to the Fox house.

Talk of the TV outage began in the Spring when my wife began noticing that our kids:  Sean, 12; Shannon, 10; and Kendall, 7 — were spending more time inside watching TV than outside the house. Spring in New England is a time to be outside, yet they weren’t quite getting it.   We did this once before:  The Summer of 2006 when we were still living in Maryland.  Back then we weren’t dealing with pre-teens and they creatively found out how to have fun.

The TV was supposed to go off on Monday, June 21 until we found out that DirectTV would not shut us off until midnight.  Like animals hunting their prey, it did not take the kids long to discover the TV was still on.  Since then, we’ve cheated a bit after the kids found out that they can get TV off the computer.  Now, they are jockeying for the department laptops when I take them into the office with me.

So, Day 3 began as the others have:  With demands for TV from the youngest.  But, the oldest is reading a book and the 10-year-old is playing with the guinea pig.  So, maybe there is hope for some summer peace and creativity.

As for me, well, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the idea.  But,  I’ve found a new love for ESPN3 and Hulu.

More to come….