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Weigel, the ‘off-the-record’ listserv and Club Journolist

One of the main critiques of journalists over the years is the notion that we are insular; that we play by our own rules and that we are clubby and enjoy fraternizing. The recent debacle involving former Washington Post blogger … Continue reading

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Day 5 of The Summer Without TV: Listening to the World Cup

I’ll admit, I wasn’t a happy camper yesterday. I’m not a huge soccer fan but the path of the U.S team in the World Cup has been fascinating and I wanted to watch the U.S.-Ghana matchup with my 12-year-old son.  … Continue reading

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Sports Journalism Rules: The Top 20 List

“Fox’s Sports Journalism Rules” began slowly and then the Top 10 grew to the Top 20 (and, actually the list translates outside of sports journalism.)   Many thanks to my friends and colleagues at for helping me to flesh … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

What should I call you? Simple enough question, right? But here are many options (and much discussion) as to how to address a professor:  Doctor; professor; Mr., Mrs.,, Ms., Miss; or…first name. The first name issue has been kicking around … Continue reading

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2010: The Summer Without TV

One of my former students suggested that I blog about “2010: The Summer Without TV.”  Seemed like a good idea to record my thoughts on this historic couple of months so I will be blogging periodically between now and Sept. … Continue reading

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