Journalism's Emily Grund gave a moving speech Saturday as one of the student Commencement speakers.

Several students asked me prior to Saturday’s commencement festivities whether I would attend graduation.  My instant answer was “of course!”  Graduation is a time to see everything come to fruition — the students you’ve mentored and worked with for the better part of four years are tying everything up in a knot and moving on to the next chapter in their lives.  How could I not attend?

And, this year, I and other faculty members were able to spend time with graduates and their families, thanks to a special more intimate afternoon ceremony this year.  There were lots of smiles!

I love college graduations — it’s one of those few moments in life where the day is focused exclusively on the individual and their accomplishments — your Wedding Day is probably the closest comparison.   Adding to the day was Journalism’s own Emily Grund, whose speech brought tears to the eyes of several of her classmates.  Emily, who served as my teaching assistant in Multimedia Journalism the last two semesters, is headed off the to Peace Corps later this summer.

Journalism professors Razvan Sibii, Nick McBride and Karen List were like proud parents on Saturday.

Emily is one of 113 Journalism graduates taking their hopes and dreams out into the world.   While some of you have jobs, some of you are moving on to grad school or law school and others will start their own businesses…..

But there’s one thing I and my colleagues know….you’re all going to make us proud!

Now go get it!

And, never forget:  JOURNALISM ROCKS!