As the end of the decade nears, I’m realizing that many of the statements being issued in the Web journalism vs. ‘traditional’ journalism  debate these days are repetitive — pointless points made countless times during the past decade of revolution.

So, here’s my Top 10 Ode to Dinosaurs or What I’m Tired Of Hearing From Those Unwilling to Change With the Times:

No. 10:  “Oh, all those errors on the Web!” Yeah, print has been perfect.

No. 9: “Bloggers aren’t journalists, they give too much opinion.” Hey, have you watched TV ‘analysis’ lately?

No. 8: “Twitter, that is such a funny name!, how can anyone take it seriously?”  Sigh.

No. 7: “What’s going to happen to investigative journalism?” Stop whining and do it. Look around.

No. 6: “Let’s have MSM sites set up subscription models like print!” See: Music playing as Titanic sinks.

No. 5: “There is no depth to Web journalism.” See: Endless news hole, no space restrictions.

No. 4: “Once we get through this recession, papers will be fine.” Ok, Dorothy, click your heels three times.

No. 3: “There is just so much to keep up with with all this technology stuff.” Uh huh, get used to it.

No. 2: “The web doesn’t let me curl up with my newspaper.” No, but there is this thing called bookmarks…

AND, No. 1 on my Top 10 Ode to Dinosaurs: “Oh, this Web thing is just a fad. ” Heard it many times during the decade and some still hoping.

Happy New Year!