If you happened to stroll past Bartlett Hall this weekend, you would have seen a small group of journalism students hunched over their laptops, putting together a collection of stories focusing on the return of students to UMass and Amherst.  The students were part of the first-ever Multimedia Journalism Bootcamp, which began Thursday night and concluded late Saturday afternoon.

Jackie Hai, BJ Roche and I guided student discussions on everything from the role of bloggers and social media to the importance of networking and internships to the ethics of using music in audio slideshows.  Instructors accompanied students on reporting outings on Friday and worked with students on the editing of their video and text pieces upon returning to Bartlett 107.  Students spent about 14 hours on Friday working on their packages, which can be found on Amherst Wire.

A great experience for all involved.  Much thanks to my fellow instructors, Jackie Hai and BJ Roche, for helping to make this happen!