Still have questions about the role of technology in delivering information? Twitter seems to have held up under heavy traffic usage today and the Inauguration 09 feed was one of many ways to follow the day’s events.

And, will Obama be known as the technology president? Some think so….

Within minutes after taking office, there was a new White House web site and with it, new blog entries!

And, recent Journalism grads Eric Athas and Daryl Popper are generously donating their time and filing photos and stories from D.C. to Amherst Wire.

Still, despite all the excitement over this historical moment, one has to wonder about the behavior of the press over the last several days. Television coverage has verged on that of cheerleading during a British coronation and provided much support for those who claim that members of the mainstream media have a Democratic bias.

Will the MSM retake its role as a vigilant watchdog on government? Going to be interesting to watch.