Hi everyone —

Tina Brown is the keynote speaker and talking about a new Web site (The Daily Beast) that she’s a part of launching. One of the interesting things about this conference every year is the wide swath of experiences that folks have. Brown is new to the Web and talking about how exciting it is — YES TINA! Welcome!

Yesterday afternoon I was at a session put on by the J-Lab about how to teach and get students thinking about entrepreneurial journalism. The panels included Rich Gordon from Northwestern, who has his students working on a “Locative Journalism” project. Check it out. Also, I spoke with Retha Hill, who I worked with at washingtonpost.com during the early days. She’s now the director of the New Media Innovation Lab at ASU.  She’s been able to partner up with some of the local newspapers around ASU and is training students to develop business and management skills, in addition to journalism skills.

Got me to thinking about how we at UMass can begin developing entrepreneurial journalism classes…such skills would translate well into getting jobs with traditional news organizations but would also prepare students for going out and starting their own businesses….

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