If you haven’t had a chance, check out the conversation Ralph, David and I are having on the “radical” post…


*  Need a hug? This may be helpful during midterms…

*  Given the recent New Yorker controversy, is this satire?  Commentary?  News?  That evil world:  content?

*  Stumbled across this link in my cyber travels.  Steven was one of the rising stars at washingtonpost.com before he left to take on larger projects.

* And, of course, my daily Mindy link.  The Seven Steps outlined here are discussions that I think can be had in all classes:

  1. Are there original documents you can link to?
  2. Are there any photographs (related videos, sound files, slideshows)?
  3. Can you map it?
  4. Can you gather past stories together and link to them?
  5. Can you post the audio or video of an interview or a performance or a meeting?
  6. Can you direct readers to an authoritative (external) site for more info?
  7. Can you invite comment or start a conversation?