My good friend David said that summers are for lazing around writing books and drinking mint juleps. I kind of like that description but as we laze around, I wonder whether we should also be thinking of how we’re going to be presenting the state of the industry to students in the fall. With the news out of Chicago and Los Angeles yesterday, it’s hard not to get depressed.

We have to fight that urge. As I find myself telling many newspaper people lately, now is a time of hope and excitement. But I don’t see that in a lot of students coming into my classes. Hopefully, when they leave, they are re-energized but we have to understand and realize that this time of revolution in the industry is exciting. The delivery is changing but the journalism is still around and needs excellence more than ever!

Mark Potts weighs in on some of the recent industry developments and once you get past the news, he provides some insights, including this:

If newspapers are to be saved–and that’s very much an open question–they will need that sort of urgency for radical rethinking and surgery, and a willingness by editors and publishers to try new things and to make daring experiments (not merely stretching a three-part series to 12 parts!). That requires a new generation of leadership–and a passing of the old generation that’s still clinging to the top jobs.

So, how can we as a group begin to implement this “radical rethinking” and “daring” experimentation that Potts speaks of? WE are the ones preparing that new generation of leaders…As you sip on your mint juleps, think about how we can get radical….

Because, despite all the “bad news” that we tend to focus on, there are lots of jobs out there. We need to let students know this and that GASP! the industry may even be growing!