As a good friend of mine says, we all need to stop killing trees.

E&P has this piece today, on the move to making the Web the primary form of delivery.

Elsewhere, a former colleague at, who is now on the faculty at UNC, has an interesting take on the skillsets needed for today’s online newsrooms.

And, my good friend Mindy has some interesting stats to share…She also provides a manifesto of sorts, listing “10 Simple Facts” for the survival of journalism. My favorites:

* Journalism costs a lot of money to do (and especially if it’s done well), because it requires dedicated people. So we can’t pretend that the work will get done for free. It will not.

* Newspapers were a nice business. Publishers could make the product insanely cheap (remember the penny press), and the advertising would cover the expenses, plus generate fantastic profits. However, this is clearly over. It’s done. It worked for a long time, but now, like trans-Atlantic leisure travel in big passenger ships, it will never work again.

Rock on, Mindy!

Have a good weekend everyone!