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The journalist and the entrepreneur

BJ Roche Each summer as I put together my syllabi for fall classes, I wonder: where will my students be working ten years out of college and how do I help them prepare for that environment? In past years it’s … Continue reading

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Too much information?

BJ Roche I put Google Analytics on my website recently. It’s free if you have a gmail account. And it’s pretty easy. You just copy a bit of code and put it on the site. Al, my web guy, had … Continue reading

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David Maraniss to Visit UMass Journalism

A huge coup for Journalism, courtesy of Maddy Blais: Just so you all know and in case you want to tweak your syllabi when there is still plenty of time to do so, I am arranging for David Maraniss to … Continue reading

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New Look for Amherst Wire

In case you’ve missed it, Jackie Hai has been busy this summer developing a new look for Amherst Wire. Jackie moved the site over to WordPress, which, as Jackie points out here, provides several advantages: * More robust codebase, less … Continue reading

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How I’m Spending My Summer Vacation

BJ Roche The whole thing started back in May when I was considering how to get my writing life up and running for the summer. I’d had a bunch of story ideas, and some publications I’d thought about pitching. Then … Continue reading

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“Digital Natives”

What I enjoy about Facebook, social networking and the Web in general is that you connect with people you might not meet or speak to otherwise. A good friend of mine connected me with Bo Hee Kim, a young journalist … Continue reading

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A Look at Blogs

So, what’s everyone been up to this summer?  Feel free to weigh in and let folks know what you’ve been up to.  I saw on Barbara’s email that Nancy has been having an exciting summer: Nancy Cohen, NPR reporter who … Continue reading

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